Well this is my first post on the Scriptwriting Blog of the the University Of The West Of Scotland’s Scriptwritng Blog. Over the next few weeks, I hope to muse, amuse,provoke and stimulate ideas and debate around the subject of Scriptwriting from my Eyrie at the top of UWS tower in Ayr, wham ne’r a toon surpasses, for honest men, and bonny lasses.

I am almost half way through the first draft of “Chic’s Last Laugh” a new drama commissioned by the BBC and STV(yes…you read that correctly), which if all goes to plan, will be broadcast sometime over Christmas and New Year.

I have to finish the first draft by the end of June. Hopefully you will be able to follow it’s progress, from the present early stage to its final broadcast!

Academically, are now past that awful time, assessments, with nothing to worry us other than those wretched souls who require resits.

So here is my first problem. I teach Team Writing For Television. 30% of the assessment consists of  initiating, developing and delivering a Team Pitch of a Long Running Television Series. What do I do if only one student decides to sit a resit? Answers on a fag packet please. Then again, you could always leave a comment.

Happy holidays.