Is it possible to combine the assessment and learning outcomes of two separate modules, one of which is concerned with writing Screen Adaptations, and one which is concerned with teaching the short film? UWS students studying in two separate Programmes, Film Making & Screenwriting , and Performance are about to find out.

As a formative  writing exercise, the 43 strong cohort of my  Screen Adaptation class were asked to create a 5 minute long adaptation of a series of short stories over a period of 5 weeks. These were then handed over to the 28 students in my Performance  Screen Drama class to who were then asked to choose appropriate scripts which they would  record and edit into a five minute short film for their final summative assessment.

The work of five Student Screenwriters were chosen by the 7 different Performance Production Teams, and the films have all been recorded and are now being edited. We will be showing the finished work to a combined group of both Modules on December 15th in Room G 109 at UWS  Ayt, after which we will   have an open discussion to critically reflect on the whole process and whether we wish to continue it. I will let you know how the discussion goes.