An invigorating night spent discussing Screenwriting and Structure with the members of the Ayr Writer’s Club on Wednesday evening in Prestwick Community Centre.

It never ceases to amaze me the hornets nest of creativity which exists in every town and shire of Scotland. I have seen the same phenomenon in such crucibles  of literary creativity as Alloa, Stirling, St Andrews, Lochgilphead, and now Prestwick and Ayr.

Faced with an audience of local Poets, Novelists and Short Story writers, it can be quite intimidating to hold forth on such potentially prosaic territory as the “Structural underpinning of an Episode of East Enders” , but the evening went very well, with my usual haphazard scatter gun approach to public speaking, followed by a robust question and answer session which went on for 90 mins. Mind you, the free chocolates helped admirably. I am also honoured to be judging the Writers Club annual Drama Writing competition and spent this  morning  pouring over the manuscripts to decide on the winners and losers. Never an easy task!

All in all a great night at Prestwick Comunity Centre, so many thanks to my ex-student Maria McCluskey for approaching me to do it, and for the hard work of Lesley Deschner  and Maggie Bolton  and the others for helping to organise it.  It was also great to see an old friend and colleague, Catherine Czerkawska there too , and to share a few laughs about the bad old days of Scottish Theatre and a particularly problematic production of “Heroes and Others” at the Macrobert. Happyish days.

As luck would have it, Maggie was telling me that she has contacts for Student Bursaries for a national Creative Writing programme which takes place in the Peak District in the summer, so as is the way with all of these events, delicious opportunities present themselves where you least expect. I don’t think I have ever delivered a so called lecture in which I did not garner at least one important contact for future creative endeavours. So good luck to the Ayr scriveners, and thank you for your information , encouragement and kind words.

Apparently one member said  afterwards” You couldn’t pay for advice like this” . Maybe I should start charging!

You can contact Ayr Writers Club for more information here .