I went through the Team Writing Discussion Forums  on our VLE today and things are hotting up.All the teams are posting, all the ideas developing . At the time of writing,  seven of the nine teams have decided on a Specific Team Writing Project, and the remaining two will finish their deliberations and come to a decision by Monday.

All in all I am very impressed with the students work so far. It takes quite a leap of faith to drop your own personal idea and buy in to the one selected by the  team. Especially when you know that you will have to come up with a fully formatted script of an individual episode, complete with Character arcs, series arcs, and springboards to the second series.

This week , John Quinn will be delivering a lecture on how to create interesting and intriguing Characters, with specific reference to “Dirty Sexy Money ” (Wright, 2007)

I’ll give my loyal blog readers a full run down on the nine successful projects next week. From then on its a countdown to the Industry Pitch and then the  writing of the scripts.