10 weeks into the project, and the nine teams are now gearing up towards the industry pitch on the 19th of April. The blur of activity on the TWFTV Blog is evidenced by over 650 viewings of 50 postings. When you add that to all the postings  on the Production Group Discussion Boards and the  Team WIKIS, the class has generated over  2,000 separate posts, views or comments at all levels. Combine that with the good news that over 80% of the class has now created an ePortfolio through which their tutors will provide formative feedback for their individual episodes. This means the Team Writing For Television is proving that the new technologies, VLE and and ePortfolio can help to  deliver a  creative learning experience which can prepare our students for the modern web based environment outside of college.

That is not to take away from the face to face development and creativity which takes place at the weekly Team Sessions. Indeed, the most popular means of communication has proven to be the Magic Whiteboard. This miraculous material  is made from statically charged polypropylene film. It allows you to create a whiteboard from a roll anywhere, in seconds. TWFTV students can be spotted with their rolled up white boards and Pen markers skulking around corridors looking for empty rooms and a convenient wall to attach their whiteboards . Depending on who then holds the conch/marker, they can  discuss the finer points of  how their third episode final act crisis will fit in to the overall series arc or whatever.

There  is a great democracy in having a white board available at all times, no matter where the team is meeting. No one student can “take over” the meeting by controlling the computer or team log. The decisions must be taken openly, democratically, and the board stored as an aide memoir for the next meeting.

My next blog will be a full report of the Fourth Year Performance students Showcase at the CCA on Weds 31st. Full details of this can be found at http://wp.me/py36u-3J