I am inordinately proud to announce that two of our fourth year  BA(Hons) Performance Teams  have been nominated for the  Awards at the UWS  Film Awards at the CCA at 7 pm on Tuesday 18th of May. Both student production  teams took part in  the inaugural delivery of our  Screen Drama Module where 7  teams  had to create a 5 minute short film.

Creative Industry Professionals such  as Sound Recordist Rebecca Thompson and  Camera Operator  Keith Ingram delivered workshops on their individual specialities, and onsite support was delivered for the production week by  Chewing The Fat  Director Michael  Hines. It was  an intensive  5 day shooting schedule in which all the teams helped one another to create their films.

Seven teams created a film apiece, and our two nominated teams  were the cream of the crop.

“Tam’s Last Supper” is a hilarious black comedy  directed by Chris Young. The action takes  place in a morgue , and   features a coffin, a body, two cleaners and an act of outrageous sexual gratification.

“Psychosis”  Directed by Dorothy M. Stewart is an altogether darker piece about a young woman taken to the brink of madness by a disturbing hallucination.

You can find out how they got on if you can make it along to the CCA for the awards on Tuesday where I will be Master of Ceremonies.