I spent Thursday being transported  round the stunning countryside of Dumfries and Galloway by my colleague Joan Scott of the University Of The West Of Scotland Business School. 
We were speaking to local businesses who  who are interested in the innovative idea of allowing  teams of UWS Contemporary Screen Acting students  http://tinyurl.com/3xk3euf to create  original digital material for their websites in order  to spread the good news about their companies. 

This is a classic Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Education and Business,  created with the support of Eva Milroy at   South Of Scotland Business Solutions  http://www.sosbus.biz/enx/ . 
These local D&G  businesses  have  established their need for promotion and marketing, and at the UWS Skillset Media Academy  http://www.uwsmediaacademy.com/ we have the knowledge and  creativity   to fulfill their requirements.

I spoke to three  Dumfries and Galloway  SMEs : ABC Recruitment,  Applied Care & Development, and Cream O’ Galloway. 

First off was a visit to visit Wilma at  Cream O’ Galloway, a  family run Organic Farm and Ice Cream manufacturer who are at the cutting edge of sustainability and the  progressive treatment of animals.     http://www.creamogalloway.co.uk/
They welcome  60,000 patrons  a year to their amazing Visitors Centre on the shores of Wigton Bay. 
Amongst their plans are a 1.8 million pound state of the art milking barn for their herd of organically reared  cows and calves, and we are exploring the possibility of our students creating a web based video advertising their facilities. 

Clive Rumbold at ABC Recruitment Services   http://www.abcrecruitment.net/ offers  professional, personal service  offering recruitment services across Dumfries and Galloway in South West Scotland, Carlisle, Cumbria and the North of England. Discussions with Clive are at an advanced stage and we plan to use our Green Screen technology at our  television studios in  UWS Ayr to create a bespoke training video for his  company. 

Finally we visited Pam and Sean at  Applied Care and Development,  http://tinyurl.com/6lfmwa6 . ACAD are a residential care company who…. “Use innovation and flexibility to offer specialist care and development to children and young people. ” We discussed the possibility of setting up an improvised drama telling the good story about the life-changing work that ACAD  provides for the  young people in their care. 

All of these projects will be considered for funding by South Of Scotland Business Solutions, and if they get the go ahead, we will see the fruits of our labours being produced by our students by  April of this year. 
I will keep you informed of developments.