Message from Linda Campbell  at Write Camera Action in Glasgow .   There has been such a lot of interest in the winning scripts from WCA’s first short script competition that I thought some clarity would help.

  The scripts will only be issued to the Directors selected for each project, however for those still appplying to direct and general interest please find the synopsis of joint winning scripts below.  

  1)  Your Number’s Up written by Andrew Niven, 10 min black comedy.

  Synopsis:  Small time gangster Michael McGarrett finds himself alone in a hotel room with a bag of cash, just about to conduct his first drug deal, when his apparent contact, sexy Kat, turns up early.  Before he knows it Michael is plunged into a life and death struggle with a whirling dervish in PVC, a riding crop and a role of gaffer tape.  Only the loose screw on the door and a change of heart from a good woman can save the cash and spare his life.  But will it… 

  2)  It’s an OK life written by Mark Loftus, 10 min comedy drama: 

  Synopsis:  In a parody of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, a hapless guardian angel tries to find ways to help an ordinary guy change only to end up driving him to despair.  The guardian angel initially starts appearing in the dreams of a man to give him mundane help on trivial issues.  Eventually he approaches the man directly and tries to enlist his help before his next appraisal.  Unfortunately he lets slip how life would be better for some if he had not existed.  He then has to work hard to stop his ‘client’ wanting to end his life.

  As before, interested Directors send your c.v. to and send showreels to Moniton Pictures, 1st floor, George House, 36 North Hanover St. Glasgow G1 2AD.  You may also hand in showreel & c.v. to the WCA pigeonhole at CCA Reception up to the deadline of the next workshop Monday 21st Feb.  Director(s) selected will be announced 4th March!

For more info on Write Camera Action