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Hey all,

If you applied for the competition but didn’t win a press pass, now’s your chance to get one and report for us!

Email asap to get your press pass –

Love everything about Film? We are looking for two festival reporters who can blog about one of the most exciting Film Festivals for young people, The BFI 4th Future Film Festival 2011 (London). You’ll have your blogs posted on Step2InspireTV for the world to see, as well as a weekend press pass to the festival where you can get inspired and further your contacts and industry knowledge. We are looking for a reporter to cover the 12th February 2011 and 13th February 2011, meaning you also get a free day to relax and immerse yourself in film heaven.

The Festival is specifically for 15 – 25 year olds, where you can watch a range of film screenings, attend inspiring workshops/Q&A’s and sample exciting masterclasses.

Step2TV will be holding a networking session tomorrow at 12pm in the BFI Delegate Centre, come and visit it!



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