Two fledging filmmakers would like to cast their net in our acting pool, So best luck and please let me know if you get the part. cheers Linda, from Write Camera Action 😉 

CAST CALL 1) Shoot Sat. 


Call Felix on mob:07758415690


Music Video requiring Actor – shoot Sat 20th 8-4pm Stow College.
Male 20 -32 yrs, 5’8+, any ethnicity for a music video being filmed around Glasgow for a band called the Boycotts. The successful applicant will have to do a bit of running and should be in good shape. Digital effects good for showreel.

> The music video is about a man who thinks he is special but is shown to be false and empty. This man is portrayed by an illusive hooded character who at the start of the song is found moving through various landscapes in Glasgow – he stops, opens his hand to find colourful vines however when he closes and opens his fist the vines have decayed and fall to the ground as ash. He runs towards where the band are playing on the roof at Stow College. He stops once more to find a visual representation of his heart beating, it turns black. Finally, he finds himself on the roof where he empties his pockets that are full of sand, he himself then disintegrates into sand.

CAST CALL 2) Auditions Mon 22nd


Short film. The premise is a horror/comedy involving 2 flatmates; Jeff the care-free lazy student, and Steve the sensible but paranoid type. Their home has been ransacked by an unseen burglar which turns out to be a sleepwalking Jeff. Very suspenseful with a light tone and plenty of scope for conflict and frustration between the two characters. A nice midly violent twist as well.


We will be having auditions for the part of Steve between 12 midday and 3pm on Monday 22nd of February in the Rankine Building of Glasgow University. Age range early 20’s


For anyone interested in the part please email Johnathan Buwert at  for the script, address and audition times. 
A quick reference film of our own production can be found here.


Regards, Matthew Westwick and the Audio/Visual Team