Joe Dunnigan is a talented 4th year Filmmaking & Screenwriting student at the University Of The West Of Scotland Skillset Media Academy. 
He and some student colleagues are  developing a film art project called ‘Apple Tree.’ The project is part of an initiative to inspire, encourage and bring together aspiring filmmakers from all over the UK and is being run by his social enterprise Maximillian Films which he’s  setting up with  fellow student Alyson Turner with support from their  parent organisation Pure Media UK. 

The project will consist of a series of short films which are all based in one location and created through improvisation workshops between the film’s director and a small number of actors. The first film will be shot in Ayr, using actors and crew from Educational institutions in Ayr, and Joe will be  taking this film to workshops around the UK where young aspiring filmmakers will be invited to discuss the process of experimental filmmaking using our film as a focal point.

These filmmakers will then be invited to make their own short film in response to Joe’s  film so over time they  hope to develop a nationwide spider-web-like network of short films which will be showcased on the Maximillian  website.  There will be an interactive map of the UK covered with links to the short films from each area, and also an interactive ‘spider-web’ with the  first short film at the centre and subsequent films jetting out when it is designed and ready for publication. 

Joe’s  aim is to develop a nationwide network of talented filmmakers and give them and their cast and crew a platform on which to display their initial work.  
Joe commented on the project ” 
I am very concerned with helping people to bridge the gap between being a student and doing whatever it is that they feel they must do, so this is one of the ways of us identifying those people who deserve the opportunity and encouraging them. At the Glasgow Film Festival I gathered the support of the DCA, CCA and London-based organisation LUX for this project, and they’re helping me arrange these workshops so I’ve already started the ball rolling.” 

Joe is in the process of finding actors  for the film  along with  fellow UWS student Alyson Turner.

Joe Added ”  I’m very excited about the project, I think it’s a great opportunity for a lot of people including the cast to get some recognition and maintain their involvement in extracurricular activities. 
Casting will take place at UWS (Ayr) on Tuesday 15th of March. 
If you want more details about the project, please contact Joe at the email below.

Joe Dunnigan’s email