Details of short film auditions . 

Statistics – Short Film – AUDITIONS

We are looking for actors for a chance to become involved in a very exciting film project taking place here in Ayrshire!

STATISTICS – The Short Film

Statistics, Chris Taylor’s wonderful gritty and hard-hitting play, is being adapted into a screen play by Dale Cowan.

The production company is ELGATO Film Productions ( and the Director is Eileen Frater; ( post production is almost complete and some exciting footage has already been shot. The journey has begun…..

AUDITIONS – Monday 21st March, 2011

2pm – 4pm, 7pm to 9pm at
10 Queens Terrace, Ayr, KA7 1DU

The lead role of Lee will once again be played by the talented Chris Taylor and the other parts which are to be auditioned are as follows:

JAMIE – Male, 

Mid to late 20s

Jamie has been Lee’s closest friend since school.  He is a very energetic character who always has something to say.  Jamie is very abrupt and often vulgar, he has violent tendencies and his big mouth often gets him into trouble.

ALAN – Male, Mid to late 20s

Alan is the sensible on one of the group; he is always talking Jamie out of crazy ideas and loves to play the peacemaker. However when Alan drinks with the guys he becomes just as rowdy.

SCOTT – Male, Mid to late 20s

Scott is the geek of the group; his dress sense is terrible and wears horrible designer glasses.  Scott is the butt of all the jokes on nights out. Scott tries hard to be funny but ends up looking pathetic in his attempts.

TAIT – Male, 30 – 50 years

Tait is a handsome but rugged man with very hypnotic but sinister eyes.  He is always dressed smartly and conservatively in a suit. Tait is a very mysterious man who likes to be in control of the conversation.

TONY – Male, 40 – 50 years

Tony is Tait’s ‘Henchman”.  He is an older man and looks like the typical ‘cardboard gangster’; not very bright and often comes away looking stupid.


TAM – Male, 20 – 40s

Tam the barman is smelly, dirty and common as muck weirdo!! Below this brash exterior he is still a nice guy. He believes he is right about everything and has a short temper although not violent with it.  His other flaw is he tends to go into a huff very easily…


KELSEY – Female, 20 -30 years

Kelsey is a drug dealer, tough and edgy, showing signs of a rough life but scrubs up very well. Independent but vulnerable when it comes to her choice in men.

As this is our first major project and everyone already involved is giving their time, expertise and passion for free, we will be looking for the same commitment from our actorsYou will of course receive a DVD of the production at the end and will be fully credited for your role.

Any further information please do not hesitate in contacting me, Eileen Frater on eitheror