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Gregory Richters
Gregory Richters has invited you to the event ‘2nd Day of Production, At the Movies’ on Filmmakers United!

Hi there! We will be shooting at a cinema at night and need actors and extras. Sound recordist and Assistants.

Best, Greg

2nd Day of Production, At the Movies Time: March 22, 2011 from 7pm to 11:45pm
Location: Leicester Square
Organized By: Gregory Richters

Event Description:
CAST & CREW , we need the following:
1. Sound Designer   +Boom Operator
2. Make-Up
3. Camera Assistant
4. Runner
5. Costume

  6. Extras
7. One or two couple watching a movie in the cinema.

Damon and Ann, 25, watch a movie. They eat Popcorn and laugh. On Damon’s lap sits a Louis Vuitton bag. Damon feeds it with popcorn, suddenly a dog head sticks out.

Ann and Damon roam down the square towards the car park. Damon opens the bag. Two dogs jump out. Frenzi, a miniature dachshund and Snoopy, a Chihuahua. They are tied to a leash that connects the dogs with one another. They run around. Damon talks to Greg and Ann full of passion about their documentary project. He’s so thrilled that he finally found a way to make his Asteroid research into an interesting film! He injects everyone with enthusiasm. He could kiss the world. Smiles at everyone passing him by..

Damon goes to the ticket machine and slides his credit card in. It’s declined. He does the same with his other two cards, with the same results. He asks for Ann’s card. She hands him the card. It works.INT. CAR – NIGHTAnn sits in the back and is visibly worried about what just happened at the ticket machine. She speaks her mind, Damon smiles at her and redirects the conversation to the movie. He says that her worries will soon be over. The film will be great! Ann mentions her upcoming period. Damon ignoring this insight, carries on talking. Greg notices that his hands are shaking. 

Damon throws his jacket into the closet. And leaves the door open.

Damon gets a call from Michael, his business partner. They run a corporate video production together. Michael’s very excited because he found a new client. He explains that it’s the son of a Billionaire who wants a film made for his celebrity business and that they pay A LOT. Damon seems disinterested but keen to make some money. Asks him to send an E-Mail with the details. He hangs up. Damon turns back to the computer to do some research about Asteroids.Damon checks his E-Mails and suddenly jumps up in excitement when he reads a message by Stephen Hawking’s assistant. She writes that he is available next Friday. But he’s up in Cambridge. Ann stands at the door and listens to them.She asks Damon to come for a moment. CAMERA STAYS IN THE ROOM. BUT WE HEAR THEM O.S. Ann is worried that they don’t have any money for a trip. Damon mentions the 600 Pounds she has sitting in her account. She seems worried. But he tells her about the job Allan has lined up and promises her to pay the money back in full. And he adds that with this film they can really make a difference and money. And that they don’t even have to get a hotel but come back the same night. He also promises her to spend all next weekend with her. Finally gets her to say YES!He comes back in to the room and checks his bank account. It confirms his negative balance. He opens the link Allan sent with the client’s web site. They browse through the site. It says WE MAKE REGULAR PEOPLE INTO A CELEB FOR A DAY. They watch the videos and laugh out loud.Damon confirms the meeting with Hawking via E-Mail, she instantly replies with the address. Damon and Greg plan the trip and get two more guys to help out. Greg falls asleep as it gets late. Damon falls asleep just when the sun comes up. Their faces on the desk.

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