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Hi Everyone!    

 CAST Req’d:  FEMALE, 20’s for music video for an artist called The Lonely Boy who is releasing a song ‘See you in my dreams’  (I’ve heard it and it’s FAB!!) No fee but expenses will be covered and great showreel footage.  Shoot on the 13th and 14th Aprilnext door to Trongate 103.With a one day rehearsal before hand tbc.  Synopsis:  A Young Girl discovers an old record in a dusty old box, as the box opens up faint ghostly sounds of music hall performers, clapping, rowdy audience slowly fill the dark isolated space. She places the record in a Gramophone player – cue opening music, one spotlight appears showing the hall and some odd mannequins on the floor and on stage.  As she walks through the quiet space, the place slowly fills with weird and wonderful characters on the floor and The Lonely Boy on stage with his Ukele.   Her Journey is to try to get to him.  Contact with CV, Headshots:  Bash at 

 COMPOSER(s) Req’d:  The Asian sitcom pilot episode has wrapped, editing is underway and they are now looking for a Composer to get onboard.  Required to create  a title theme for us on the lines of the shows Californication, How I met your mother, 30 seconds or less in length, catchy, hip and upbeat. We also need someone to help us with the background music. It can be the same person or two different people for the above tasks.  No budget but credit and kudos 😉  Contact Sarmed at 

 ACTORS BOTHY REVAMP!! Great news!!!  The Actors Bothy is THEE weekly Actors Studio at the CCA and is currently going through a period of transition traditionally a melting pot of ideas and techniques   they’re rediscovering the Bothys core values and plan to provide a more variedprogramme of classes, techniques and events. The Bothy website is now updated with a full list of sessions and workshop leaders This weeks session will be lead by John Gilmore   Tues 22nd March, 7pmClubroom CCA.  Participants are asked to bring along a poem in English by any published poet. Preferably one that they are not too familiar with.  
The Bothy is an exceptional opportunity for actors to continue to stay in shape, to test out new ideas and to network


Remember to tell them you heard it through the wca grapevine!  cheers Linda Excited