Actors Talking Business – Shome Mishtake Shurely ?

What on earth could the luvvies of stage and screen have to say to businesses and entrepreneurs ? Aren’t we more into iambic pentameters than Industrial Parameters ? Errrr, well no, actually. These are exciting times for myself and fellow creatives at UWS . With our student recruitment advertising being nominated for awards, we are looking forward in expectation to the imminent opening of our new £80 million pound campus with state of the art studios and technology in Ayr. Couple this with the outstanding success of our Performance and Screen programmes, us Creatives are now at the centre of the strategic broadening of the UWS’s marketing and sales campaign. We are beginning to focus on knowledge and know-how transfer by exploring pathways of how to integrate creative expertise with the Scottish business community .The key to this process is to develop current links and forge new relationships designed to encourage more businesses to tap into the resources and expertise which we have here at the University Of The West Of Scotland.

In past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to take part in a small way in that process .Along with my students on our Contemporary Screen Acting programme, I am now completing the second tranche of three Knowledge Transfer (KT) projects. Operating under the umbrella of UWS Skillset Media Academy, the projects involve three Dumfries & Galloway SMEs benefitting from the process of having bespoke Screen Acting Web Videos created to help publicise and develop their businesses.
This benefits all the participants of the KT process .For example, our acting and performance students, who are on the first steps of their professional careers, are able to focus their talent and enthusiasm and take part in an an authentic Work Based Learning commercial experience. At the same time, our business clients benefit from the student’s creative energy and talent and our expertise to help spread their organisation’s message via the World Wide Web.
Finally, as an academic, I am able to use this innovative engagement with industry as a medium for deepening my own knowledge and creative practice , and hopefully produce high impact research output. It’s a win win situation for all involved.
Today I’m taking part in an exciting initiative at our Paisley Campus as part of UWS’s ongoing strategy for our academics to meet new business clients and forge relationships with potential scope for future Knowledge Transfer development . The meeting has been organised by our Staff at our Innovation & Research Office . IRO were instrumental in setting up the very first Creative Industries KTP with which I was involved between UWS and Glasgow legal firm , Law At Work, and introduced me to our current KT funders at the South Of Scotland Business Solutions in Dumfries. I’m looking forward to learning how my colleagues and I as academics can deepen the B2B (Business To Business) process at the information session today , where I’ll also be learning about our new Client Relationship Management system. (CRM )
I’ll take some pics and report back on how the day went later .
Luvvie shall speak unto business. No mishtake.