I’ve been successful in raising resources from the UWS Strategic Development fund to purchase a high end Video camera and lights for our South Of Scotland Business Solutions Knowledge Transfer project. Nothing too innovative about that, but the fund has also enabled me to purchase 10 iPod Touches too. I was going to get Flipcams until Cisco in their wisdom decided to stop making them . On reflection , the iPod is a much more elegant solution . Now I have to work out the cheapest way to buy the iPods and how to import 10 separate iMovie editing apps without using my own personal iTunes account! However the really exciting thing is that 10 lucky students will now have a mobile HD Camera with built in editing capacity and the ability to record,edit and upload their Screen Acting work on to Vimeo or YouTube in minutes . The creative potential for all this is almost limitless.When we move to our new UWS Ayr campus, they’ll all be connected by WIFI so we could even use Face Time for real time video conferencing from separate sites from Dumfries to Ayr or anywhere else, for that matter.
We could have online seminars and workshops from individual groups in Dumfries who could then report back to their colleagues simply through the use of a hand held device which can fit in your shirt pocket ! Thats quite a thought. It’s a long way from staggering up and down D Corridor with a 20 kg tripod and bulky flight case with a Sony Z-1 .

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