Investing in Producing Skills

Producer Placement Programme


This placement programme is designed for those workingacross the range of producing roles in theatre or dance fromcreative and commercial producers to project and general managers


Funded by Creative Scotland, the Producer Placement Programme focuses upon the professional development of individual practitioners and will support them to undertake bespoke CPD opportunities with established producers from the subsidised and commercial sectors across the world.


Applicants may come from a range of producing backgrounds from creative and commercial producing to project and general management. Priority will be given to established producers, although emerging producers will not be precluded.  This programme is flexible in its structure, allowing producers to apply for specific projects directly related to their own personal development needs.


Programme Objectives

To strengthen the producing skills of Scottish theatre and dancepractitioners

To build relationships between Scottish producers and their contemporaries across the globe

To give producers the opportunity to work across the commercial and subsidised sectors

To allow producers space to research and develop practice andideas


The programme will operate as a partnership between the proposed Placement Producer and the hosting producerany submission to the programme must be jointly developed.


We envisage that successful proposals will involve the execution of a producing project and that the bursaried producer will be supported, taught and mentored by their host for the duration of the placement.We appreciate that the specific nature and responsibilities of eachproject will vary and will be negotiated between the participant and the host prior to application.  


FST is providing no fixed job description however applications are expected to demonstrate the key elements described below.


A producer and host should be able to work together for the equivalent of a minimum of three and maximum of 12 weeks (full time equivalent)Weeks need not be consecutive. FST invites participants and host companies to submit outlines of working models which best meet the programme objectives.


A host can be freelance or company-based and can be in Scotland, the rest of the UK or working internationally. FST would be happy to accept applications for producers to carry out placements across a number of host organisations. Hosts can be funded on any basis including Foundation companies.









Project Specification and Application process


FST invites joint proposals from the potential producer placement and their host.


Applications should be in the form of a written application, up to a maximum of 2 sides of A4. Other relevant supporting information, such as a CV and information on the host organisation should be additional to this.


Applications should demonstrate:


The Placement Producer’s commitment to Scottish theatre or dance, identified by producing experience.

A clear rationale for the partnership expressing why the Host andPlacement Producer have chosen to work together. We expect a statement outlining this from both parties.

An articulation of how the relationship will extend the PlacementProducer’s knowledge of producing skills and methods and a clear concept of how this will benefit their professional development and advance Scottish theatre or dance.

A statement about why undertaking this bursary with this particular host is a clear expansion of the experience for the Placement Producer.

A clear outline of how the host will integrate the Placement Producer into the producing and creative process, guaranteeing a high quality learning experience through the execution of a producing project.

An articulation of how the Placement Producer will be supported during the placement including supervision and coaching/mentoring.

That the infrastructure of the host, or structures arranged for the placement, is such that the Placement Producer will be in a supported role and not the main producer on any producing projectproposed in the placement.

A full budget, including travel and accommodation expenses, incorporating the weekly bursary stipend of £350 and the 15% contribution from the host to the overall budget (including expenses).


Whilst we recognise that having a Placement Producer is beneficial for the host please note that the key aim of this programme is to ensure an effective learning experience for the individual. The application should clearly outline what the key areas of development will be, why this is the right environment/partnership to ensure this development, and how the individual will be supported throughout.  



Applications will be selected by a panel of experts, who will evaluate each application against the criteria and defined expectations of both the Placement Producer and host.



Hosts will be expected to make a commitment of 15% of the total bursary cost (£52.50 with an FST contribution of £297.50 per week)plus 15% of the total expensesA bursary will be paid at a stipend of £350 per week for the duration of their project, which can run for the equivalent of 3 – 12 weeks full time.


In addition to this, the successful applicants will be awardedreasonable travel and accommodation expenses to facilitate their project as appropriate (15% of which will be contributed by the host company).


Producers employed fulltime in Foundation and Flexibly funded companies are eligible to participate. FST will award travel and accommodation expenses and a bursary where need can be demonstrated. FST would welcome applications for individuals to carry out placements in these organisations.


Monitoring and Evaluation:

A joint evaluation should be submitted, which explores the benefits and outcomes of the partnership project against those outlined in the original application.


Closing dates

Round 1: 23rd September 2011

Round 2: 20th