Write Camera Action Glasgow are looking for a variety of actors and Filmmakers to form a team to represent them . 

Actors please note rewording to ‘a variety of actors’ is required and if chosen will be part of the Team WCA for the project, ty

PLUS:   GET ONBOARD ‘TEAM WRITE CAMERA ACTION!’  for the 48hr film challenge! Excited Friday 7 p.m. – Sunday 7.00 p.m. 7th-9th Oct.

 We are delighted to confirm WCA has registered to take part in the first ever 2011Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project and we’re looking for WCA participants to form a team to represent us in this exciting challenge!  

If you are interested and can keep the following dates free – weekend of October 7th-9th, (Screenings at GFT October 11 & 12) then EMAIL YOUR INTEREST NOWwith Name, role(s) applied for, skills, own equipment or not, contact details incl mobile and confirmation you can keep the dates free.  Entry is already paid by WCA so no charge to participants.  Application deadline6 p.m. Thursday 25th August and we’ll inform our winning team of WCA participants in time to go with us to meet the Organisers at their free Preview Party on Thursday, September 1, 7-10pm at The Flying Duck, Renfield St Glasgow – a chance to watch some of the best 48 hour films from past challenges, win prizes and meet teammates.  Roles available:  Asst Producer, Screenwriter, Director, 1st A.D., DOP, Camera Assist, Sound, Locations Manager, Musician/Composer or MusicalAdvisor, Costume and/or MU, Stills photographer, Editor, 2 runners, A variety of Actors.  Please state if you have your own transport available for shoot AND/OR own equipment depending on role(s) applied for.  Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
cheers Linda
Linda Campbell
WCA Co-ordinator