It has been long overdue, but the time has come for The Crews to be launched online as a web series on Monday November the 7th 2011.  

The Crews as many of you know was devised as a project to be pitched to TV Networks, but this has not succeeded.  The only way forward for us now is to put The Crews out into the world and see what kind of response we get.  The Crews has been split into six 16-18 minute webisodes.  Each episode will be launched every monday from the 7th for six consecutive weeks.  

In order for The Crews to be a success it will need the help of you, the cast and crew who helped make it.  I will be writing up an e-mail with some bullet points on how you can help us spread the word of The Crews using Social networking sites and e-mail virals.  

If we can build an audience then it may help the TV Networks stand up and take notice of the product.  

The series will be launched on the website, which can be found at: