Film One- Andrew Pettie

I’m Andrew Pettie, a 3rd year Film-making student looking to find actors for a 15 minute short film that will be shot in Ayr over 3-4 days sometime between the 10th and 19th of April hopefully.

It’s a story about despair, love, and hope. A young man and woman meet in difficult circumstances. Both have forgotten how to live and it is through each other that they learn how to once again. As their friendship blossoms the question is whether they can admit their true feelings, or will their fears keep them apart. In terms of tone if I had to compare it to other films out there I’d say Beginners, Garden State, and 500 Days of Summer.

At every stage I have been aiming this film at the festival circuit and I hope to showcase this to a wide audience. I think this film offers a really good opportunity not just for showreel material but for anyone looking to challenge themselves with a meaningful and deep role.

The parts I am looking to fill are:
REECE – Early 20s, lead male.
IONA – Early 20s, lead female.
DR MULVEY – 30s onwards, could be a part for either sex.

I am not absolutely set on the ages of the leads. If two people came forward who I really felt worked, I could rework the script. Ideally I would like to audition for the parts very soon. I will try to organise a date as I hear when people are available.

If anyone would like to know more about the film, or to see a rough draft of the script, please do not hesitate to send me a message on Facebook or email me at [email protected]

Film Two- Martin Jelonek
I’m a 3rd Year FMSW student who’s making his short film these coming weeks and I am still looking for actors! As this is about to be my last film project for uni before buggering back home to Germany, I intend to make this my best film yet with the best equipment the uni and I have to offer and will likewise launch it on as many prestigious and well-known film festivals as possible.

WHAT: “9 Minutes” is about a YOUNG MAN’s wait for his GIRLfriend’s pregnancy test in a shopping mall food court. Self-centered and still immature at heart, he day-dreams and remembers various past moments in his current relationship to distract himself from the unbearable wait and reflects on himself, only to be disturbed by an ever friendly, concerned and slightly obnoxious foreign waiter. Can nine minutes be enough to man up and assume responsibility for something that might turn into nine fateful months to come? A bittersweet romantic comedy, with little to no dialogue.

ROLES that still need to be filled:

– GIRL: around 20, female lead
– GUARDIAN: female, 30’s to 50’s

(other roles already taken:
– YOUNG MAN: mid 20’s, male lead (taken)
– WAITER: male, mid 20’s, colored, thick accent (taken)
– BOY: male, 6 to 10 (taken))

– Kyle Center, Ayr
– Ayr Beach
– Playground next to Pirate Pete’s, Ayr
– Flat in Ayr

a) 1 day THIS WEEK between TUES 3rd and FRI 6th, 8:30 am to midday (only for GUARDIAN)
b) 3-4 days in the week between MON 16th and SUN 22nd

CONTACT (for script, questions etc.):
mobile: 07514 806 867
email: [email protected]

NOTE: Since it’s a no/low budget production, there is no extra payment. Catering will be provided though and if necessary travel expenses (receipts only).

Hope to hear from you and looking forward to work with you!


P.S.: for samples of my work, feel free to visit the channel of our circle of FMSW fellow students “LOKI”: ”

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