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New Writing Scotland is by far the best platform for Scottish writers wishing to have their voices heard.

Here is a PDF of the Submission Criteria for 2013 NewWrtingScotland Submissions leaflet e

Festival Organisers have sent some small changes to the film festival schedule for this weekend. Please note to ensure you have correct info. Plus Bar each evening will be opening in GMAC at 5pm and stay open till late each night for networking.Thanks.

Friday 27th (19:00 – 21:00)

I Love Luci (short)

The Pedestrian (short)

You Instead (feature)

Saturday 28th (12:00 – 14:00) **FREE kids screening

Stargazer (short)

Jack Jack Attack (short)

The Incredibles (feature)

Saturday 28th (15:00 – 17:00)

Contorted Hazel (short)

The Man At The Side Of The Road (short)

The Things We Do (short)

The Inheritance (feature)

Saturday 28th (19:00 – 21:00)

Toothless (short)

Don’t Call Me Sparky (short)

Electric Man (feature)

Sunday 29th (12:00 – 14:00)

La Carte (short)

Crystal Clear (short)

Suibhlachan (short)

Sol (feature)

Sunday 29th (15:00 – 17:00)

Your Number’s Up (short)

The Taxidermist (short)

One Day Removals (feature)

Sunday 29th (19:00 – 21:00)

Stolen Youth (short)

Crying With Laughter (feature)

Powerful poetry and passionate performance
Kilmarnock, Saturday 28th July 2012

WCA! announces an exciting, innovative and inspiring evening of Screenings and Awards to be held at Cineworld on Thursday 6th September and networking afterwards. The evening is OPEN to WCA! Participants, Cast & Crew and Invited Guests.  The Judges are industry practitioners supportive of, but independent from, WCA! The evenings Schedule and Judges biogs will be announced mid-late August.  Red Carpet entrance, Photographer, Interviews and Awards on the night, so book your tickets, get yer glad rags on and share a great night with us! 

FILMMAKERS - Free Film Submission(s) Open 16th July – deadline 6th August. See website for guidelines on registering and submitting your film(s) at and BOOK your parties tickets in advance to ensure availability.  If in doubt of eligibility = ask!

TICKETS - There will be a Guest List operating at the door – names MUST be RESERVED in advance at [email protected]

No entry fee applies but suggested door donation of £5+CHECK OUT LAST YEARS EVENT on the link below ”WCA! Promo 2011″and our WINNERS/GALLERY at 
WCA! is a voluntary run, not-for-profit organisation in support of independent filmmaking.

WriteCameraAction! Promo 2011  AWARD CATEGORIES 2011 - Best Screenwriter, Best Director, Best Cinematographer(new 2012), Best Production Design(new 2012), Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best child Actor, Best Editor, Best Producer, Best Overall Production & Prize.

I have posted earlier about the filming of our Innovation & Research Office Video 

Yesterday the UWS  production crew  spent the day in the delightful company of inventor and entrepreneur Giovanni Benedetti at his factory in Wishaw. Gio told the story of how he and his team  had developed the idea of a practical aid to prevent the dangers of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) on long  air journeys.

Gio Benedetti witth the UWS Production Team and Wallace Cameron staff

His “Actiflo” system has just been approved by the North American authorities as a direct result of the testing which UWS was able to carry out on the effiiciency of the product.  ”Without the work of UWS, the US authorities would never have allowed us to sell in the States and Canada. It is going to make a huge difference to our sales.”

The team then headed out to our Hamilton Campus where we filmed the work of Dr Fergal Grace a Senior Lecturer in  the UWS Excercise Science group at our Hamilton Campus . Fergal was able to explain the process whereby UWS is able to carry out clinical scientific trials for local businesses in order to enhance their products and develop their marketability. These business to university relationships can all be set up through the Innovation and Research Office. For more information on how they can help local businesses and SME’s please click HERE. You can also phone IRO at 0141 848 3400

Dr Fergal Grace, John S Caldwell and Michael Hines

Look out for the UWS “Open For Business”  video when it is launched in the Autumn.

I am reproducing details of the Festival. Thanks to Andy at Moniton Pictures for this.

” The Merchant City International Indie Film Festival 2012 will take place from the 27-29th July @ GMAC
The launch of the Merchant City International Indie Film Festival will be launching in GMAC, Trongate 103 – on 27-29th July. We’ll be screening 9 international short films, and 6 indie feature films from around the globe. The festival is being organised and hosted by Andy Cassels and Dale Corlett in partnership with GMAC and Moniton Pictures. Ticket prices and contact info at end of this attachment.
Friday 27th – 19:00-21:00 – ‘Stolen Youth’ / ‘The Inheritance’
The opening short film of the festival will be Leon Chambers ‘Stolen Youth’. It’s a fantastic short film – about 15 minutes, shot on 35mm and I would definitely recommend that people come along to see this film. Very well shot, and a fantastic storyline that really draws you in.
After the short, we’ll be screening Charles-Henri Belleville’s indie feature ‘The Inheritance’. This was an indie feature which was shot for only £5000, mainly set in Edinburgh. It’s a Scottish road movie which follows two bickering brothers as they travel from Edinburgh to Skye in search of their inheritance left by their recently deceased father. The film gained fantastic reviews and acclaim a few years ago when it was first released and has won several awards at festivals around the world. A perfect example of how to make a good feature film on an amazingly small budget. The film’s Producer (and one of the lead actors) Tim Barrow will be present to do a Q&A with the host and take some questions from the audience afterwards. For any local filmmakers interested in making that first feature film on a small budget like The Inheritance, it would definitely be worth coming along and seeing the film then getting to chat with Tim afterwards.
Saturday 28th – 15:00-17:00 – ‘The Pedestrian’, ‘Office Romance 2.0′ / ‘The Castle’
The Saturday afternoon screening begins with Stuart Elliott’s ‘The Pedestrian’. A local short film starring Jonathan Rush, it won The Big Flick at Cafe Flicker in 2011. We’re also screening Leon Chambers short film ‘Office Romance 2.0′ which is a very funny short written by Edinburgh-based Keith Storrier. I seen this film a couple of months ago and love it – definitely recommend coming along to see both these hilarious shorts.
Following on from these shorts, we have the first international film of the festival, the Australian indie feature ‘The Castle’. Made a good few years ago on a tiny budget (around $25,000) it features a very young Eric Bana. Loads of excellent, funny dialogue and very ‘Australian’ humour. Definitely something different to the other films showing.
Saturday 28th – 19:00-21:00 – ‘Toothless’, ‘Don’t Call Me Sparky’ / ‘Electric Man’
Saturday evening is comedy again, with two mockumentary shorts. ‘Toothless’ by Steven Dorrington follows the toothfairy as she falls on hard times. ‘Don’t Call Me Sparky’ is a comedy directed by Ray Tallan. Graham Duff (aka Sparky) is a superhero, but his family aren’t too impressed by his superpower.
Following on the superhero theme – the Saturday evening indie feature is the Scottish film ‘Electric Man’. Set in Edinburgh, it tells the story of a couple of guys who run a small comic book store. When they discover a rare (and very valuable) comic called ‘Electric Man’ an international clamour for ownership starts to take place. Very funny film and very well made. The Director, David Barras will be at the screening and David will have a Q&A with the host (Dale Corlett.
Sunday 29th – 12:00-14:00 – ‘La Carte’, ‘Suibhlachan (The Traveller)’ / ‘Sol’
Midday screening on Sunday begins with the French short film ‘La Carte’ by Stefan Le Lay. A romantic tale of a man in a postcard who falls in love with a woman in another postcard. We shall also be screening Uisdean Murray’s award-winning Gaelic short film ‘Suibhlachan’.
The Sci-Fi American feature film ‘Sol’ by Ben Carland is screening on Sunday midday. This film was made by a collective of filmmakers on a limited budget but very good special effects.
Sunday 29th – 15:00-17:00 – ‘Your Number’s Up’, ‘The Taxidermist’ / ‘One Day Removals’
Sunday afternoon screenings begins with Your Number’s Up. Made through the Write, Camera, Action! screenwriting competition, Colin Ross Smith’s short film tells the tale of a drug deal which goes wrong and a comical tale of mistaken identity. We’ll also screen one of the graduation films from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland from 2011. The Taxidermist by Charlotte Carden is again a comedy about a family business of taxidermists in a remote location. Two local short films.
Comedy indie ‘One Day Removals’ by Mark Stirton, set in Aberdeen is a very funny farcical tale about a day following the disasterous story of two removal men as their day goes from bad to worse. Following the screening we’ll be having a chat with the Director Mark Stirton and having a Q&A with the audience.
Sunday 29th – 19:00-21:00 – ‘Crying With Laughter’
To finish off the festival we’ll be screening the BAFTA winning feature film ‘Crying With Laughter’ and afterwards the host (Dale Corlett) will have a chat with the Producer (Claire Mundell) and Director (Justin Molotnikov) about the film and how it came about etc. They will also take questions from the audience.
Following this final screening, we will also be announcing a new indie feature film initiative being launched by GMAC and Moniton Pictures so it’s important for any indie filmmakers out there to not miss this opportunity.
Following the screenings each evening, we’ll be having a networking party in GMAC from 9pm-midnight. A great opportunity for the audience to meet each other and meet the filmmakers.-
Prices for tickets for the screenings will be £3 per screening. However GMAC members get in free providing that bring along their GMAC pass. It’s advisable to get tickets in advance (even GMAC members) as there is only a capacity of 48 in the cinema. Alternatively you can buy a full festival pass for £15 which will give you access to all screenings throughout the weekend. Tickets are available from GMAC now – and I’ll have tickets along at Write, Camera, Action! if people want to buy them next Monday night.
If anyone has any questions about the festival, they can e-mail [email protected] or can e-mail [email protected]

Day 1 yesterday of the UWS Innovation and Research Office video project designed to promote our  Business 2 Business knowledge exchange strategy.

Through their “Open For Business” campaign, the  IRO at University of the West Of Scotland have created a one stop shop for large and small businesses to take advantage of the leading edge academic skills which they  can provide, and I’m   producing an inhouse video to tell the story. You can phone IRO at 0141 848 3400

The video is a  collaboration between professional media  Director  Michael Hines, Director of Photography John S Caldwell,   and the University Of The West Of Scotland.

Yesterday the team  visited the Scottish Leather Group, which is the largest manufacturer of Leather goods in the UK employing 580 workers in the West of Scotland, and interviewed James Lang, the group’s marketing director who explained the process from the company’s point of view.

James Lang and the Production Team at the Scottish Leather Group HQ

UWS and the SLG have formed a research/business partnership where the university’s research expertise is matched up with the strategic needs of the company. In this way, business and education mesh together in what are challenging times for both.

UWS Business Development director Brian Cross then recorded a piece to camera at our new Ayr Campus where he went over the entire one stop process whereby business big and small can contact UWS to ask for advice and information on how they can benefit from our expertise and research capabilities. He explained that the IRO exists to facilitate connections, both for University staff and for outside enquirers, and to offer prompt, informed advice on all aspects of the University’s research, consultancy and commercial activity, ensuring that enquiries are targeted to the appropriate department, unit or individual with the minimum of delay.

Next week,  the production team, which  includes designer Irene Blair, will   visit Gio Bennedetti at his Wishaw plant where we will hear the story of how UWS collaborated with him in developing his  new “Actiflo”device . The completed video should be ready by September.

Michael Hines with Brian Cross and Julie Thomson of UWS

If you have any queries about how the UWS  Innovation and Research Office might benefit your business, contact Brian and the team at:

Tel: +44 (0)141  848 3400

The first cohort of 4th year honours Contemporary Screen Acting Students graduate on Friday. This would be as good a time as any to look back and reflect on the first two years of the Programme to assess how we have developed and where we might be going.

The Class of 2011

There was a crucial point in the development of Contemporary Screen Acting at University Of The West Of Scotland and it took place after the initial Accreditation Panel meeting in March 2010. Generally , the panel was very supportive of the notion of a new niche degree in Screen Acting. It would fit snugly between our two other programmes, Performance and Musical Theatre. It would encompass Social Media and the New Technologies, it would arm actors with the skills to navigate the post-web 2.0 world. It would be new and exciting, collaborative and inclusive. But there was one thing missing. The name. The name was going to be “Screen Acting”, but somehow the panel felt that this didn’t suitably reflect the course content. It needed something else. Something to bring it up to date. Now whether it was Dr Sarah Nealy from the University of Stirling, or Ali de Souza from the then RSAMD, someone came up with  the term….”Contemporary Screen Acting”.

I didn’t like it.

Cheifly I didn’t like it because I didn’t think of it first. In my mind  wanted the Programme to have a be simple, short and easy to remember title, and I reckoned it was a bit of a mouthful. But….I had no option. The panel wanted a name change and that was that.

Two years later, I love it. The word “contemporary” is one of those plastic, malleable catch all words which immediately fit in any situation where you have just come up with a new idea…and that is exactly what the last two years of Contemporary Screen Acting has been all about. A series of new experiments, new ways of teaching, new ways of learning, new ways of creating work for the small group of screen actors who I have had the privelege of teaching . The small group of graduates (including TWO first class honours) have been the first group of my  students to use iPods instead of video cameras, twitter instead of feedback sheets, iMovie instead of Final Cut Pro, a Panasonic AGF 101 instead of an ancient Sony Z-1. At the same time, they have been the first group of my students to make REAL videos for REAL clients, created their entire corpus of work online in their own showreels, and finally the first group who are able to go out into the world with the skills necessary for success in the connected, networked world of 2012.

Some new stuff we tried didn’t work. But thats the nature of experimntation and “contemporary” practice. If it doesn’t work, all you have to do is just not do it again. A bit of a no brainer.

Anyway, congratulations to my Honours students, and thanks for the exhilarating journey that the first two years of Contemporary Screen Acting has been. Here’s to the next two.

If you want an example of my student’s work, or are interested in studying at UWs, here’s a video which our 3rd years made to market their course.

Here’s to the next two years .

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