As all  all those students who took part in our Screen Hack days in the TV Studio at UWS Ayr last Trimester, they were a great success. This year  we have decided to expand the remit…and rechristen the whole concept…so Good Bye Studio Hack Day…..and welcome to THE STUDIO LAB.
The STUDIO LAB will be an 11 week collaborative project open to ALL UWS SCCI students from second year onwards  and will take place at 1.30 pm every Wednesday Afternoon of Trimester 1 in UWS AYR TV Studios.
Students can drop in  and get the chance to take part in a unique collaborative project where 4th Year Contemporary Screen Acting Students will improvise, structure, and create a one hour  assessed studio-based drama which we will shoot as live on Weds Dec 5th . We will require Sound, Vision, Music , Design , Digital Artists and a whole range of production staff to take part in this innovative and exciting creative process.

If you are interested, either turn up at 1.30 pm  on Wednesday 26th of September for Day 1 of rehearsals, or email me for more details. [email protected] You don’t have to commit to the entire 10 week process, but we do need to know we can depend on a group of student collaborators over the whole timescale. Image