12 Yard Productions, are currently in production with ‘Perfection’ which is a quiz show on BBC1 presented by Nick Knowles.

Katie Haughan, a UWS graduate wants to invite some of our students to come along to be in the studio audience of the next series of recordings.

She writes ” Our audiences are small, of only around 12 people, therefore this is an ample for them to see around and gain experience of being in a working studio. Our presenter Nick is always happy to answer questions about presenting or many of the various editorial roles he has had behind the camera. Our crew are always on hand to answer any technical questions.

We will be filming from 9:45am till 12:30am between Friday the 24th May and Friday the 31st of May.
It’s recorded in studio B in BBC Scotland, so a nice and intimate space for the students to see all aspects of production. ”
Please contact Katie at [email protected] for more information