Teaching in Scotland –  Thurs 17th  October 12 – 1pm  GT11

Find out all you need to know about the teaching profession before applying for a PGDE course

Delivered by Isobel Kerr from the  Scottish Government.

And if you  decide to apply for a teaching Post Graduate Course :

Session on Applying for a PGDE   Friday 8th November 12 – 1 pm GT11 –  applications are now made through UCAS – this talk will take students through the process.

Delivered by Nigel Royle from the Careers Service

Students should  sign up for the above events on www.uws.prospects.ac.uk or contact employability@uws.ac.uk

We should also mention the UWS Employer Mentoring Scheme which is open for applications whereby a student is linked  with a professional person who gives their time to share their experience of work with the student. The programme is designed to motivate and inspire students. A flyer for this is attached – The deadline is 25th October.

Eligibility: 3rd or 4th year. Resident in Scotland for last 3 years prior to starting in HE  plus one of the following: parents did not attend University, direct entry from college, mature student.

Interested applicants should contact jean.beggs@uws.ac.uk