You may be aware that Equity is a member of the Creative Coalition Campaign (CCC), which campaigns to support the rights of creators and workers in the creative industries. As a member of Equity we wanted to tell you about the work of the CCC and let you know how you can get involved and support the campaign by signing a new petition andemailing your MP.

The Creative Coalition Campaign

The Creative Coalition Campaign is a strategic partnership that brings together trade unions, trade associations and creative companies across the UK. Its membership includes 31 leading organisations in the film, music, publishing, TV, and sport sectors. The CCC was formed in August 2009 to represent the rights of the creative sector and its workers by pressing for effective measures to combat online copyright infringement.

Why copyright matters

Copyright plays a key role in driving the success of the creative industries by allowing creators of content to make a return on their investment, allowing them to re-invest in new content. The UK’s strong copyright framework gives film studios and production companies the confidence to make their content here, creating and sustaining jobs for artists and performers.

Whilst the internet is opening up new opportunities for creative companies, the high level of online copyright infringementposes a real threat to the continued success of industry and impinges the fundamental rights of creators to get paid for their work. Recent research from Ofcom found that almost a quarter of all downloads in the UK infringed copyright.

Whilst the creative content you help to make continues to be made available for free by people who contribute nothing back to those who made it, the incentives to make more content in the UK and provide more work here will continue to be constrained.

What can be done?

Tackling online copyright infringement successfully requires a combination of different tactics including: using enforcement action to make it harder for sites offering infringing content to operate; educating consumers about the harm caused by online infringement and the availability of legal content services; working with key stakeholders including internet service providers, search engines, advertisers and payment processors to ensure everyone plays their part in a responsible online environment.

Above all, it is vital that the Government and parliamentarians understand the importance of this issue and are supportive of all the necessary tactics to solve it. This is where you can make a difference by making your voice heard via the CCC’s campaign.

How you can support the campaign

In the last four years the CCC has campaigned to raise awareness of this issue and called on all political parties to support measures that address it. It is now launching a new petition calling on all political parties to make tackling online copyright infringement a central plank of their plans for the creative industries in their manifesto for the 2015 General Election.

By supporting the CCC’s campaign you will be sending a direct message to politicians that the success of your industry matters. To add your voice to the campaign to protect creators’ rights online and support jobs in the creative industries you can:

  1. 1.       Sign the petition calling on all political parties to address online infringement in their 2015 general election manifestos
  2. 2.       Email your MP telling them you’ve signed the petition and calling on them to support the campaign
  3. 3.       Sign up for monthly CCC e-bulletin to keep up to date with the campaign and further opportunities to make your voice heard.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this campaign. For more information about the Creative Coalition Campaign please visit their website

 or email .