The Into The New Symposium has become an important and integral feature of our festival. We do our best to reimagine the form and content of our symposium each year and this year is no exception. Forgive me for just imagining… seeks to explore the territory between the ‘imagined’ and the ‘real’ in performance. We are delighted that this year our keynote speaker is Tim Etchells and although he is really in Vienna, we can imagine his presence through the video provocation that he has specially recorded for us. So for 2014…
Forgive me for just imagining…
…a symposium where we’re all in the same space at the same time simultaneously imagining different worlds,
…a symposium where the words of the artist are incomplete without the thoughts of the listener,
…a symposium which engages my imagination, my intellect and my heart,
Forgive me for just imagining…
…a conversation that goes on forever,
…a future in which making art is more important than making money,
…the colour of the air as it moves out of my lungs and into yours,
Forgive me for just imagining…
…the bead of sweat in the hairline of the coolest performer,
…the unfolding journeys of our individual bodies weaving through streets and buildings, fields and paths to converge in this place at this moment,
…that I can gather light and hold it in a performance space,
Forgive me for just imagining…
…that I can create a space that communicates wordless thought,
…that an aesthetic can have no object, no image and no focus,
…that a deep connection to each other, ourselves and our world is perfectly possible,
Forgive me for just imagining…
…moments of love and lust, comfortable silence and exhilarating noise,
…time spent with friends and deepening roots,
…and imagining, and imagining, and imagining.
About Into The New_____________
Into The New is a festival of new work from final year students of the BA Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
Capturing the ethos of the CPP course, which takes as its basis the artist Joseph Beuys’ claim that ‘civilisation is an art work and everybody is an artist’ by encouraging a socially engaged practice, Into The New 2014 offers three days of work designed to intrigue, challenge, entertain, excite and provoke, created by a group of artists trying to make sense of the complexities of our world by making performance to share with others. Tackling subjects such as masculinity, depression and environmentalism, the work at this year’s festival asks us to consider – what makes us human? What connects us? What divides us? Most of all, it asks us to imagine what a better world might look like, and how we can all use our imagination to find creative solutions to the crises our planet faces.
If we are all ‘artists’, we are all part of finding those solutions – please come down, enjoy the work, and join the artists in the bar afterwards to discuss all this and more…