tragic-flyr-05-08-14-frontcmyk11-lst149270Tragic by Iain Heggie

We are very sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances both performance of “Tragic” at UWS on Tues 4th Nov have been cancelled.

‘You cant kill someone just cos a ghost tells you. I mean: is a ghost the most reliable source?’

he’s little more than a boy
and he’s saying these totally outrageous things
about his family
and friends
and neighbours
from the privacy of his bedroom
when this total bombshell drops
and he’s left with the mother of all dilemmas
and – as they say in Hollywood –


Iain Heggie’s hilarious, exciting and moving one man adaptation of Hamlet clears away the fog and brings the great story to vivid, pulsating life.

UWS Performance Space 1.

Tuesday 4th November.

Matinee 2.00 PM.

Evening Performance 6.00 PM.

Both Performances FREE to UWS Students and Staff