The Beaches of St Valery” which opened to four star reviews at Oran Mor in March will  be touring next year to venues all over Scotland. The play tells the epic story of a young Scottish Soldier of the 51st Highland Division.

The play debunks the “miracle” of Dunkirk, and tells the tale of the 9,000 Scottish Soldiers sacrificed by Churchill in a secret deal with De Gaulle. For them there was no way home. For them there were no little ships. For them there was only St Valery-en-Caux, surrender, and four years incarceration .

But a few of them escaped . We  follow one of them , 18 year old Private Callum Chisholm  as he ages from a raw recruit in the 4th Cameron Highlanders  in 1938, to a war-weary officer on the Rhine in 1945.

He suffers defeat, surrender,  escape, and a hollow victory, as the juggernaut of war rumbles on. But through the horrors of war, Callum finds  and then loses  the love of his life, Catriona. “The Beaches Of St Valery”  is Callum and Catriona’s story. 

Watch this space for details.


Major General Victor Fortune Surrenders to General Erwin Rommel at St Valery ©Imperial War Museum


Four Star Reviews for “The Beaches Of St Valery”