#Miraculous is the new screen adaptation of “The Rise And Fall Of The Miraculous Vespas “by David Ross . It is 50 minute film which I directed and previewed on the 30th of July on the Lockdown Gaiety Channel! If you are into sharp comedic dialogue, superbly acted and brought to a tablet/computer/laptop/mobile near you, then give this a watch. If you enjoy it, you might even consider making a donation which will go towards maintaining the work that the Ayr Gaiety does for the theatre arts and creative community in these difficult times.

The film was scripted by the author, and stars Sarah McCardie, Tam Dean Burn and Colin McCredie, and is brought to you through Stephen Cameron at IntoCreative You can see a preview HERE

You can see Thom Dibdin’s 4 star review HERE

The live stream is available now for the month of August and you can watch it on the site below.

Thereafter it will be available for streaming online on the same platform. There’s a fair amount of challenging language in so it is definitely NSFW (Not Suitable For Weans).